Location: Buccament Bay

Mornings in Ocean Star aren’t really mornings without a few of our basics:
– Eamon saying “iM aWakE jUsT giVe Me a SecOnD” and then falling back asleep for 20 mins
– DJ Lucia killing it with some Spanish music nobody wants to wake up to
– Alexis making her coffee
– The mountain’s aka coach’s aka Stef’s morning swim
– Dope food.

So after our morning routine, we had the coolest, dopest, most epic sea survival class ever. In this class taught by professor Capitan, we learned how to swim while conserving energy with our life jackets, how to carry an unconscious person, and how teamwork has numerous benefits. Among these benefits: you lower the chances of a shark attack (cap’s personal favorite), you maintain heat, you become a bigger target and therefore more easily spotted by boats or planes, and oh boy, had Logan and Eamon kept this in mind, perhaps they would have won against Cap and me, too bad jeje! Oh, and slightly off-topic, but today Tate proved that you can’t actually free dive with a life jacket on (sucks).
And so the day went on, as we all stressed about our Lionfish essays that are due tonight (everybody stressed beside me since I have decided to embrace the 10% less you get when you turn things in a day late (sorry Mom. Sorry Steph)) and as our scuba groups came in and out of the water, having only one more day left of diving until we get certified!! Woohoo! Besides Eulalie and Sophie, who actually finished today *cool sunglass emoji*

So yeah! Life in Ocean Star keeps its usual epic, beautiful, occasionally messy, legendary course! And Mom, I am very excited to say that I don’t have watch tonight, so I’m going straight to bed. I love you all!!!
– Lucia <3333

Ps: Hi, mom! – Stef.
Ps. 2: Feliz cumple pablito, suerte con las nenas – Lu <3

1. Bow fun after Eamon’s team took the L against me and cap
2. throwing loose shakas at safety
3. Lionfish essay due tonight @ 10 pm
4. Asta pulling me to the boat even though our team’s victim was Sophie
5. Sea survival sync swimming
6. Quinn activating the fire alarm for the second time
7. More safety races
8. Logan and Eamon looking like sea otters while they race. Have I mentioned that they lost?