Location: Galleon, Antigua

We have already hit our one-week mark, and most of the crew is clearly beginning to consider the ship their home. The divers this morning were surprised to have encountered a barracuda and a nurse shark. I was very tempted to pet it. However, I was advised not to. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew were just finishing up their certifications and were finally prepared to jump into their first recreational dive in the afternoon. After lunch, crewmates on deck shared songs with some personal meaning for the rest of us to enjoy. Soon after, the newly certified divers took a dingy out to the Pillars of Hercules and began their exploring the site. Thanks to Isabel, the group was lucky to witness an octopus and a spotted eagle ray. Back on the ship, daring sailors practiced their acrobatic skills jumping off the boat. Unfortunately, Kiara did not rotate enough while performing a front flip and flopped perfectly on her back, though rest assured she’s okay. After finishing up an exquisite dinner prepared by today’s chef, Steve, we all shared each other dream jobs. All the members of Ocean Star are extremely ambitious and hungry for more exciting experiences that the trip will bring them.

1 – Ben
2 – Callum, Zoe, Ben Adelaide
3 – Jodie, Mike, Pearse Lenox, Will, Julia, Riley