Location: Dominica

The day started out for many in the wee hours of the morning as watch teams were taking turns sailing Ocean Star through the Caribbean Sea from Nevis to our next destination, Dominica. The weather was fair, the wind strong, and the seas only mildly rocky, allowing us to enjoy a smooth sail without help from the main engine. My watch team, which includes- Hannah, Jake, Jess, and Liz, had the 6 AM to 9 AM watch, where we enjoyed some interesting conversations over bowls of cereal as the beautiful colors still left from sunrise faded out, and the sun rose high in the sky. For lunch, we enjoyed some delectable Chicken Caesar Wraps prepared by Head Chef Summer and her Sous Chef, Georgia. Following lunch, we made our approach towards our anchorage in Roseau while flaking the last few of our sails. Once we got O-Star settled on her mooring here, we gave her a freshwater rinse, put her sail covers back on, and finally jumped in the water to cool off. This afternoon it is study time on board as a literature review for Ms. Ivy’s Oceanography class is soon due. This evening is early to bed as tomorrow awaits a big hiking adventure for the crew, but first- Double Brownookies (cookies and brownies mixed! Yup!) to celebrate our Open Water divers getting certified!! Hooray!