Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

We unrafted from Ocean Star bright and early after a delightful night out in Marigot Bay with some close-quartered maneuvering. The weather was beautiful and the crew was statiated with some blueberry pancakes by the chef of the day, Auto (aka Mike). We motored to Rodney bay which was just up the coast in St. Lucia ang got to navigate through a tight channel and dropped anchor. The crew was treated to some shore time in Rodney bay and the food and art of the quaint marina were enjoyed by all. After returning to the boat, we raised anchor and left the lagoon to raft up to Ocean Star for the evening. In the afternoon a few shipmates showed their talents to the group to deserve to have their shampoo or soap back (after they had left it lying around on deck), it turned out to be good entertainment. Auto and I made a valiant but failed attempt to make dark chocolate straight from cocoa beans. Unfortunately the beans were a bit overroasted and the final product tasted like ground espresso beans with butter and sugar. Despite this debacle it was a great and relaxing day for all.