Location: Underway to Borneo in the Java Sea

Today our adventure from Singapore to Cape Town, South Africa, sapped out to be a great day. Our current location is 3 degrees, 25.150 minutes south and 109 degrees, 55.854 minutes east, 30 nautical miles from the west coast of Borneo, and about 120 miles from our next destination of Kumai. The seas have calmed throughout the day and have provided us the ability to pick up the pace and hold a constant speed of about 6 to 7 knots and should arrive at the river about mid-day tomorrow. Today we had a marine biology class which consisted of a vibrant slideshow where we learned all about our little aquatic friends that we would be seeing along with our dives as we skipped from island to island, some of them friendly, like Nemo, and some, not so much. After admiring the pretty pictures of fish, we had a provisioning meeting where we got all the information about prepping our own menus for the remainder of the voyage. We got the gist of what sort of produce that we would be able to work with and what we should expect to cook with on day 12 of our ocean crossing. This is a fairly exciting moment not only are we (the students) slowly learning the ropes and taking command of Argo and sailing her from port to port and ultimately a quarter of the way around the world, it is becoming our own journey to where the staff members are there to lend a hand but leave the rest to us. Agro is our home and is becoming more of a part of us each and every day.