Location: Bequia

We woke up today with great smells of Maddie making delicious chocolate chip pancakes. It was dark and rainy this morning, so we ate the pancakes cafeteria-style below deck. After cleanup, we all got into our project groups for Oceanography while we were underway to Bequia. My amazing group with Max, Andrea, Valentina, and Greg discussed how we are going to distinguish different types of plankton and their abundance in an ecosystem, according to distance from land and whatnot. While underway, Tom freaking hauled, and it was quite a ride. We were then spooked with a man overboard drill!

We also had a fantastic lunch, where we put together some sandwiches. After, we broke some barriers in Leadership class and discussed the many influences of actions — given by society — in leadership. Then we broke into groups of two and discussed what has been on our minds in the last 24 hours. Every Leadership class, we base the class off of a new chapter in our leadership book and have a class ran by two students, who give a presentation of the chapter with interaction from the rest of the class. Meghan and Andrea ran our class today and did a fantastic job, especially in involving the whole class and getting true thoughts out of us.

The day was ended with an afternoon snorkel, where everyone got stung by jellies, and I heard Hannah sat down on the bottom for quite a long time and really enjoyed herself. Max, Bennet, Will, Andrea, Sonnet, and Hannah are out having a night dive as I type, having a good time. Vela out!

-Ethan O.

Photo 1: Katie and Maddie cheffing!
Photo 2: Will, Charlie, and Andrejs straight vibing in the salon
Photo 3: Anthony and Tom having a chat
Photo 4: Hannah getting ready for her night dive!