Location: Drawaqa, Yasawas, Fiji

At 7:00 am this morning, we said our goodbyes to Nevadra and our blacktip reef shark friends, and we set sail to a new island in search of manta rays. As we were nearing our next destination, we were promptly greeted by a 14-meter hammerhead shark. The wonderful beast swam right up to the boat to say hi before continuing on its way. Just before lunch, we anchored in Drawaqa and enjoyed the crystal blue waters and perfect weather of another lovely afternoon in Fiji. After a nostalgic meal of mac and cheese, we had a short lesson on manta rays, followed by a hands-on lab in which we set out to find some. We were joined in the water by two scientists from the Manta Trust foundation, but unfortunately, no manta rays came out to play. As a result, we will all be manta-festing (manifesting) that we see manta rays tomorrow! In other news, the students who have yet to receive their open water advanced dive certification began class tonight. We all shared a lot of laughs and had a great time finishing up the night going over a fish identification knowledge review. Overall it was simply another great day in paradise!

Picture 1: Ky, E, Cole, Morgan, Jen, Meg, Bridget, and Max lined up for dinner!
Picture 2: Drawaqa’s crystal clear waters and lush green hills.
Picture 3: Bridget, Tyler, Aidan, Pierce, Will, Mia, Morgan, Caroline, and Chloe before dinner
Picture 4: The crew eating dinner
Picture 5: Amazing sunset from the martingale