Location: Panama City, Panama

Seamester blog, hello. Its Grantis

Yet again, I will reiterate that food on this boat is on par with the delectability of a crispy waffle. Nothing better. To Mr. and Mrs. Soofer, your son has a career as a professional chef.

Secondly, Panama City is absolutely gorgeous. The view off of Argo is quite astonishing as we are anchored with a wonderful side view of the buildings. Great to have breakfast around these goliaths. Speaking of breakfast, we had a huge bowl of watermelon and cereal this morning, quite good. After our morning meal, we watched a short documentary about the over-fishing going on around the world and how the effects of over-fishing are being felt through all levels of society, that certain fishermen are wiping out massive colonies of fish with no end in sight. End of the Line is the name.

After finishing this movie, the Argo crew quickly proceeded into Panama City. All of us went to a fish market. No joke. But the fish was very, very tasty. The groups then split, and a few of us went and explored the historic old town of Panama City. It had the same vibes as Cartegena, very European in its design. I fell in love with a very hip little coffee shop with fantastic cappuccinos.

Tonight ended on a melancholy note, with one of our crewmembers Omar, or Marzopan as many of us have come to know him, choosing to leave the boat. We had a highly enjoyable squeeze where we encouraged him in his strengths and relived great times we each enjoyed with him. Gonna miss him a lot in the following months, a very awesome dude with an unprecedented ability to roast people. He will head back to Denver, Colorado, where he lives.

Soofer, thanks again for the great dinner.

Love to the McCormick family, and happy birthday to Toms’s mother.


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