Location: Mamora Bay, Antigua

As I write this, I realize it is the last time I will be skipper. How time has flown really amazes me, but to think back throughout the past three months so much has happened.
I woke everyone up at 7 a.m. Everyone seemed a little more tired than normal. We had night watches last night, which hasnt been a thing for a while! The whole crew emerged eventually for Chef Hunters lovely breakfast: potatoes, scrambled eggs, and English muffins.
Todays focus was the Navigation Master exam. We had to break up into two groups because there wasnt enough room for us all to lay out individual charts. The first group went at 9 a.m. and had two hours. Understanding the Nav Master material has been a huge learning process. Im still getting familiar with it, but it has been great learning along the way from Ian M.
We had a great pesto lunch in the bright, hot hot hot sun. Katie and I are always sitting in the shade during mealtime. The next group took their turn for Nav Master exam at 1 p.m. Afterwards. I was sitting in the salon studying and writing an essay. Kelsay, Peyton, Devi, and Lucy all continually tried to convince me to go scuba diving for the last time. I gave in, and Im so glad I did. Experiences like this are limited, and that is so important to remember! Steve dinghied us right outside the bay. There were definitely a lot of waves. It was fun, but we held on tight to the dinghy. We all quickly got kitted up and plopped in the water. The current was pretty strong, so we just glided along for most of the time and enjoyed being together. We went back to the boat and then decided to cut Lucys hair! Devi got the scissors out, and Peyton, Kelsay, and I played Vienna and just danced around on deck. Lucys hair looks adorable.
Chef Hunter and Matty made Chicken Cordon Bleu again, and it was just great! We all ate together during the beautiful sunset. I asked everyone if they could have one dessert right now, what would it be. Listening to everyones made my mouth water. After dinner, Steph read and explained a tradition that Seamester/Action Quest has. Basically, we all will write a little letter to every crew member, and everyone will receive their letters at the end of the trip. I started to get choked up just thinking about it. I love this idea, and Im so glad this is a tradition.
Now its time to study some more and work on our group presentations! There might be some more haircuts tonight too.

With skipperliness,