Location: Mamora Bay, Antigua

Back out to anchorage one last time to enjoy the simple way of life, company of each other, deck showers, sea breeze, and no mosquitos! We moved the boat from English Harbor over to a small bay with bright blue crystal clear water and put down our anchor, and soaked up the sunshine for the next couple of days.

The day also consisted of lots of studying, considering it was crunch time for our final exams and papers. We also had the opportunity to go scuba diving, and Devi, Peyton, and I quickly set up our gear and hopped on the dingy to an area called sunken rock. Once submerged beneath the surface, we found ourselves swimming through fields of fan corals and lots of butterflyfish. We then approached “the drop-off,” where we went even deeper down and explored underwater canyons and the “sunken rock.” While kicking hard to keep ourselves from drifting out into the middle of the ocean from the strong current, we came across a shark! And then 1 minute later, another shark… and then another! We were all screaming underwater with excitement (and maybe a bit of fear).

Also, throughout the day, we were able to visit Olivia at a nearby resort, we snuck her and her mom into. Olivia was happy to see all of us, and we were happy to see her… although we still miss her daily presence on the boat.

To Devi’s father- Devi made peanut butter, hummus, mustard, refried bean, jelly, pickle, chip, olive sandwich, and she thinks you would be proud.

Wish us luck on our oceanography final exam tonight!