Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Complimentary dockage on the superyacht dock ended yesterday, so today was spent on the Slipway in Nelson’s Dockyard. Things have been much calmer on this side of the harbor as we continue to come down from the excitement of Classics week. There is a change in the air as the classic folks sail off and the new shiny, fast boats arrive for another regatta starting next week. I am a huge fan of sailing regattas. The intense energy, camaraderie, and rapport are hard to match. Classics week is especially fun because it attracts genuine, down-to-earth, salt-of-the-earth type people. But all good things must end, and besides, to maintain that level of energy would be impossible.

The Classic regatta went very well. I am both relieved and proud of how our students behaved and carried themselves. We have been off the grid for the last few months, so the regatta certainly offered a whole new level of stimulation. We involved ourselves in everything possible and met many people. Reintegration seems to be going smoothly for most. I even met several people who sailed on Ocean Star some 20 years ago and still have really strong, fond memories of their time onboard. I was proud to be part of our crew last week and can honestly say that there was not a more fun boat around that I would rather have been sailing on. Sure we were not the fastest, the shiniest, and maybe our singing could be improved, but we have something really cool going on. Speaking of cool, check out Tims Wright’s website www.photaction.com and search for Antigua Classics and then Ocean Star. He took some amazing photos from a helicopter and his dinghy.

This morning students had Emergency First responder training and then this afternoon some final navigation practice for their upcoming exam. Final exams will soon be upon us, and then sadly, in around a week, we will be disbanding. I am sure that this trip and certainly this regatta will leave some lasting memories for all.