Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Today the crew woke up in Nelson’s dockyard and enjoyed some delicious crepes made by our Head Chef, Will. Shortly after breakfast, we went to Copper Lumber restaurant for Ian’s class, where we practiced navigation for our upcoming exam. Afterward, we enjoyed a lovely sandwich buffet on the boat, followed by a marine biology class taught by our amazing teacher, Steve. We had a bit of free time, where we walked around Nelson’s Dock, studied for our upcoming exams, and took naps. The crew moved out to Freeman’s Bay for a quick, fun dive, and a few of our students had their last rescue scenario to complete their certification. Congrats to Kelsay, Peyton, and Devi, who are officially PADI rescue divers! As we came back to the dock, we found a new friend to accompany us on board. We immediately declared our new puppy friend Ocean Star’s boat pet. Our new companionship lasted for about five minutes until she began to pee with excitement all over the deck. Sadly we had to say goodbye to our new friend and proceed to our dinner plans. Our amazing Chef, William, cooked us chicken, rice, and veggies, followed by a brownie cake in honor of our bestie, Olivia. Shortly after dinner, the whole crew got the chance to visit Olivia for the first time since she was released from the hospital. She is looking better than ever, and we are so happy to finally get to spend time with her. It was another amazing day out here in the Caribbean, and we are all very excited about what’s to come in our final week.