Location: English Harbour, Antigua

After an amazing night, waking up the morning after was not too much fun. Thanks to Ian, waffles allowed most people to sleep in an extra half hour and, once served, motivated everyone to start the day. However, during breakfast, I was informed that for the first time, we could do whatever we wanted all day. With a lovely meal filled with Nutella and whipped cream in our bellies, the majority of us went straight back to bed. The extra few hours felt like heaven.

When we awoke, some of us spent the time before lunch to work on our research projects for oceanography. Then came some grilled cheese with homemade cheese its. After lunch, all the girls (minus sweet Olivia that we miss so much) went to the boom bar on the other side of Nelsons Dockyard. Hunter and Matty joined us not too long after. There, we girls ordered some of the best smoothies weve ever had, filled with passion fruit, mango, and strawberry! We laid in the sun, swam in the pool, and watched the gig racing that was happening just below in the harbor. Lots of friends that we had all made during this last week were competing. One of the makeshift gigs that came later in the races had a big American flag and a hull made out of paddleboards. We all loved it.

Once all the races were finished, we made our way back to ocean star. On the way, Kelsay, Peyton, Hunter, Matty, and I saw some kids fishing. As we walked away, Matty came running up behind us, holding a small fish. To no surprise, he swallowed it whole just another strange thing Matty has ingested in the last 70 days. For dinner, Steph helped Katie and Lucy make a yummy spanakopita penne pasta. The boys werent the biggest fans of all the spinach. After the cleanup was done, we had our second to last marine biology class ever, where we learned about some of the many overwhelming threats to marine biodiversity. It was a lovely day of doing a whole lot of nothing.