Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

We woke up this morning and prepared for another day of racing. It was to be our last day of racing in the Antigua Classics Regatta. After a quick breakfast, we prepared the boat and left the dock. This time Richard Sherman, a guest photographer, joined us to take pictures of our crew in action. Once the sails were raised and we exited Falmouth Harbor, we practiced some tacks and jibes before heading to the start line. We passed the starting line with speed, and we’re in a good position. The first two legs of the race, we stayed with our competition. However, once we made it to the upwind section, we began to fall behind. We were hit by some squalls of intense wind and rain, but we pushed through. Finally, we made it to the last leg and approached the finish line. We may have been the last boat to cross the finish line for the day, but our spirits were still high. After the race, we headed to English Harbor, where we quickly showered and ate dinner before the awards ceremony. When we arrived at the awards ceremony, there were many people already there. People gathered standing in the grass in front of the stage for the giving of the awards. After several other crews were awarded various honors, we heard them calling for the crew of Ocean Star. We made our way up to the stage to receive the John Leader Trophy. Devi stepped to the microphone and said a few words about how much fun we had participating in the regatta, and thanked the committee for recognizing our crew. After the awards ceremony concluded, the dancing and fun ensued. The lively music and energized crowd made for a memorable night. It was the perfect way to celebrate the end of the event. The Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta was great to be a part of. The unique atmosphere and passionate people made for a memorable week of sailing.

Thank you to Ed Whiting for snapping the photos of us accepting the John Leader Trophy. Check out more of his photos of the regatta on his website listed below.

Ed Whiting, photographer from the blue