Location: Gibraltar

Day 3 Gibraltar, today I woke up everybody with some classic chicken noises led by me, myself, and I. After a couple of noises, I played some amazing Eminem soundtrack called without me and proceeded to sing the entire song with my good friend Jonsey (Joel). After a couple more minutes of some absolute bangers, we started off the day with some amazing yogurt and granola made by matt. After a good breakfast, we led off the day with marine bio and leadership, which was an absolutely wonderful time. After a couple of classes, we had lunch which was delightful. It was pumpkin soup with garlic bread, and let me tell ya, mhmmm mhhm mmmmm… absolutely delicious. Thank you, matt.

After we did a very quick brief and we were off to do our own adventures. The five musketeers and I decided it would be an amazing idea to go back up to the rock and go explore the ww2 caves, we didn’t get very far tho because we had to wait in a line for 1 hour, but luckily we made it up. After a couple of encounters with monkeys, including a monkey stealing my licorice which I was not happy about. We ended up finding a cool little cave or bunker, which we decided to explore. It was so dang cool but also terrifying because there was absolutely no source of light whatsoever. After a couple of explorations, the cave ended at this absolutely amazing view which we had to stop at and take some sick photos. After our little cave adventure, we headed back to the tram because we had to be back at 18:00 for a quick little brief. As we are standing in line for the tram, my good buddy Owen is just standing there minding his business when he gets a good surprise by his good friend Mr. Monkey who decided to start digging in Owen’s backpack for some good snacks. After our quick little brief me, and the fellas had a fantastic burger to settle us in for the night with some good laughs and some good talks. All I can say is that this was another W day. To everyone home, I hope all is going well, and I love you all, later gang.