Location: Underway to Madeira

Skepp o’hoy!

Today started out just great with a beautiful breakfast under the stars and moon, next to the Marina office and under the rock of Gibraltar. Rachel and the chef team made a wonderful blueberry muffin cake that got us all loaded up with carbs before our longest passage yet – five days to Madeira! We had to hurry off the dock in order to fill up all of our gas tanks (9000 liters!!) before this crossing. However, before leaving, we had to say goodbye to Eli and Ash, not knowing if we’d ever see them again, for Eli was going to the doctor to get his cold checked out. The gas dock was not very far away, and while there, we got to do some exploring – of the dock and its small gas station! We had already “signed out” of Gibraltar, and going further than the dock would technically be illegal. Maya and I tried to make a run for the nearby grocery store but were promptly stopped by our rule-following morals. It was a very small store, but we were NOT disappointed by its selection of British and Spanish goods. We all stocked up for the coming five days (energy drinks being prio1), and Izzy, Mia, and Maya just couldn’t resist the corned beef and canned hot dogs: can’t wait to crack those open on watch!

After about an hour, the amount of time it took to fill all of the tanks, to our great relief Eli and Ash came back, and we set off for our journey! Leaving this dock was really exciting, and we experienced some great views of the rock and big container ships. After motoring for a while, Calum decided it was time for us to raise sails (that we hopefully could keep up for the whole passage) and make a race out of it. Boys against girls. Disappointedly, but according to the law of nature, the boys won by a full minute… But that didn’t keep us down for long since, upon looking up from the boat. We saw the view we had been waiting for this whole time; Europe on our right and Africa on our left! We enjoyed this majestic view by listening to Africa by Toto and posing for iconic A for Africa (and, of course, Anna as skip-CAPTAIN) photos.

I will briefly run you by our afternoon: Pasta salad for lunch – mmm. Oceanography quiz about the traits of water in the ocean – very fun! Oceanography review for upcoming EXAM – yikes! Leadership class was the final hot air balloon debate, with the finalists being Mr. Keating (Zoe), Forrest Gump (Hendo), Greta Thunberg (Skylar), and the iconic Coco Chanel (myself). Let me just say that the group voted incorrectly… Brief dolphin intermission. Very much needed nap time. That sums up a pretty much typical afternoon on the boat.

Dinner was (for the first time ever) on time, and we enjoyed what Rachel described as digging for gold (the gold being the chicken) in sediment (in this case, rice and beans). Very good indeed, and we all seemed to find a valuable chunk of gold. The sun treated us to some golden hour during dinner, which was filled with joy and laughter but also nostalgia about leaving the Med and embarking on our next chapter of the Voyage – the Atlantic one!

All in all, this day was very cool, very trendy, very Sweden, and very ANNA.

PS: Nu har vi kommit till Atlanten vilket r s sjukt, och vad betyder det? Jo, jag r ett steg nrmre korsningen, och ett steg nrmre att vara den frsta Alpen att korsa ett hav(?) (pappa), mohahaha..! Jag tnker p alla er dr hemma och saknar er s mycket! lskar er! Puss <3

PPS: A note from Maya. Hi family!! We are officially on the open ocean, which is pretty crazy to think about! The clamborgini definitely couldn’t handle this! Look for me from 2 Shore and Amagansett! Thinking of you! I love and miss you all! Say hi to Millie and Cali for me! xoxo, Maya