Location: West End, BVI

After a feast of a breakfast we began our mega BA, initially most of the shipmates were packing their bags, while a few helped clean out the galley and begin scrubbing pans. We left Norman Island, starting the Action Quest race back to West End, Dave announced it over the VHF “welcome to the 2005 Pringle cup race, sponsored by Mrs Filberts, and in association with Mesh Fest 2005!”. All sporting our mesh we were on deck, cheering as the race began. Everyone worked hard on the motor over to West End, and many were working so hard below they didn’t even notice we had docked. Everyone put in so much hard work to repay Ocean Star for all the good times she has given us. Ocean Star looks perfect right now, the hard work everyone put in is much appreciated. The hard work and enthusiasm I saw today is a “culmination” of everything this crew means to me. We all work so well together as a team, and the motivation is obvious and present in everyone. As with everything this crew does, the day was humouress, full of smiles and laughter. After a final, and tearful squeeze we headed to Pussers for dinner. The evening was so much fun, no-one wanted to leave, and as a team we “pressed on”, chatting, laughing and reminiscing, looking ahead to the journey home and how Seamester would live on in our everyday lives back home. PS. I had to include this photo of Grant – never before has someone loved the laz so much, that this shot couldn’t be missed! Thanks for all your laz time Grant!

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