Location: Terre d'en Haut, Iles des Saintes

One thing the French know how to do well is relax. When we arrived in le Saintes, it was Saturday afternoon, and of course, no one should have to work on the weekend. So we set the schedule for our nocturnal exploration of the deep blue sea, which happened last night. As many can imagine, there were a few “apprehensive” crew members for this event. But like all experiences aboard, the crew conquered their fears and emerged from the depths stronger and more confident in themselves. That and cookie/brownie cake helped make everything in the world right again. Today finally being a workday, we picked up anchor and moved over to town to taste the French Caribbean culture. After a science class and quiz, all crew went to shore. We provisioned food here, meaning plenty of fresh baguettes and good smelly cheese! Some of the crew had a mini panic attack as they further learned the depths of French laissez-faire culture, as the ATMs weren’t working and no bank, exchange bureau, or tourist office could be found open. As I told them, “where there is a will, there is a way,” and sure enough, all eventually found a means to extract what they needed from shore. As siesta time rolled around, some of the crew stayed ashore to entertain themselves while others came back to Ocean Star and to snorkel a shallow boat wreck. All in all, everyone had a good day in France-land. I always enjoy myself here because I am reminded to slow down and take things easy, something we don’t do enough of. To work hard enough, to not work too hard, something the French do very well.