Location: Antigua

Late last night, we pulled out of Guadeloupe and set sail for the island of Antigua (pronounced Ann-tee-gah). My shift did not start until 4 am so I settled into my bunk for a decent night’s sleep, only to be awoken two hours later by the rolling and pitching of the boat. Needless to say, it is not very easy to sleep when gravity has you pinned against the wall of your bunk. We cruised into Antigua at about six knots, with a beautiful sunrise off the starboard bow of our boat. It has been twenty-three days that we have been out here in the Caribbean, and I finally got to see my first sunrise. It was a magnificent one at that. Most of the crew was still asleep when we arrived in Antigua, so I delightfully woke them up with Eddie Van Halen’s Jump. We were anchored in Falmouth Harbor, and after breakfast, we gave Ocean Star the loving she deserved after getting us here safely. Then the most exciting thing happened! When Eric got back from clearing us with customs, we were told we would actually be docking. We would have easy access to land?! What are these shenanigans?! After a crash course on how to properly dock a boat of Ocean Star’s size, we had a practice run at the fuel dock. Things went pretty smoothly for the majority of us being first-timers. After fueling, we headed to our actual dock, where the real fun began. We had easy access to land! Something we haven’t had this entire trip. Not going to lie. It was a little trippy at first. We are currently docked in English Harbor at an old British Naval Base. It is pretty cool, to say the least. But I think what everyone was most excited about was real showers! No more jumping off the side of the boat to bathe ourselves. Not that I don’t love it or anything, but the prospect of being able to stand in a real shower under a real shower head got everyone excited. After lunch, a group of us – Kevin, Kristine, Kristen, Weston, and I set off with our taxi driver Eric to provision the boat. I never thought I would be able to say I spent a good two hours in a grocery store in Antigua, but I can now. The grocery store was pretty far from the boat, so we got our own little tour of the island. Something that I’m noticing about each island is that they are seemingly the same but vastly different. They still drive on the wrong side of the road in Antigua, though. The other half of the group explored the Naval Base and the town outside of it. They also took advantage of the real showers. When we got back from provisioning, Kristen and I debated whether or not it would be worth our time to take a shower – it was about 430, and they closed at 5. I have never been thankful for being forced to do something until today. While we were debating, we had about five of our shipmates demand that we take a shower. I feel like a million bucks. Best shower ever. But anyway, it was overall we had a fantastic voyage and a good relaxing day!