Location: Pigeon Island

22 days have gone by, and spirits are as high as ever. Crew members are coming up quickly to the deadline of the first paper due on day 25. You can find most of us at night reading over scientific papers and typing away on the keyboard in order to get it done. This morning we woke up to the smell of a special breakfast being prepared by the chefs, Casey and David. The meal consisted of eggs, cheese, and pork inside some great French bread picked up in The Saints. After filling our bellies, we prepared to make way over to Pigeon Island. The trip consisted of practice with tacks and jibes. The crew has clearly come a long way since the first few days. All sailors quickly go wherever they need to be and do whatever job is necessary by the order of the captain. We put the boat straight downwind for the first time on the point of sail known as run. Doing this meant we had both the Foresail and the Mainsail all the way sheeted out on opposite sides of the boat like wings. Pictures of this can be seen below. While underway, all the students had a wager to see who could best predict the time of arrival by simply using a pen, paper, a watch, a scrunched-up sheet of paper, and the knowledge we obtained from class. One team managed to predict the time to within one minute of our arrival. Once we had made it to Pigeon Island, the team prepared to go on a scuba dive in a special location. Pigeon Island is known for being the place that Jacques Cousteau used to visit regularly to dive. In honor of him, a statue can be found underwater. A picture of some of the divers and this statue can be seen below. For dinner, we once again were treated to something speciala delicious meal of chicken gumbo. We quickly gobbled it down because of how hungry we were from scuba diving earlier in the day. As this dinner came to a close, we prepared once again to go under passage overnight. Even now, I am sitting in the chart house and can hear the scurry of feet overhead preparing for the voyage. Tarps and dinghies are being put away as we prepare to hoist sails and make way for Antigua.