Location: Antigua

Rise and shine, rise and shine, the shout went out. The morning wake-up music blared; the smiling faces greeted a new day and saw that Casey Jones was wearing his famous skipper hat. The world was in order. It was a quiet day, relaxing, catch up on the school workday. The amenities of shore life were enjoyed by many. Shore heads, fruit smoothies, and tee-shirt shops, and of course, the most important of them all Shore showers. People saw the sights of English and Falmouth Harbours. Some shipmates sat in the shade and worked on literature review papers and presentations. A few brave souls hiked along cliffs overlooking the ocean. During this hike, we fought off some cacti and other spiky plants en route to Shirley Heights. This is an old fort offering a stunning view of Antigua, including a panoramic look at English Harbour. Tonight we have the first half of our oceanography presentations. What a wonderful day to be skipper. Cool Peace Bye. -Sir Casey Jones