Location: 18 03.62'S 160 14.98'E

Today started off nice and early with watch teams up at all hours. Another absolutely glorious sunrise welcomed all the crewmembers for another beautiful day at sea. The ocean is relatively calm; therefore, all the previous seasick members (myself included) are thoroughly enjoying time at sea.

Our lovely program manager Carolyn celebrated her 30th birthday today!! We celebrated with dessert after lunch as well as at dinner. While everyone is getting excited to enjoy our time in Australia, it is also upsetting to think that this is our last long passage together. After a delicious lunch prepared by Katie, Trey, and Ian, we cleaned up and headed to Oceanography class and Seamanship class. Those familiar with navigational charts were quick to lend a hand to those of us with virtually no previous experience. After classes, everyone took on-deck showers, which never fails to be an adventure with the boat slightly rolling about.

As the afternoon progressed, some of the Oceanography groups worked on their plankton labs by taking samples of ocean water with a large net and then evaluating the results under the microscope. After bow watches and a glorious sunset, delicious homemade enchiladas were enjoyed by all as well as key lime pie to celebrate Carolyns 30th. The squeeze question asked people to reminisce on our favorite birthdays. Safe to say, it was another absolutely lovely day in the middle of the ocean, with the sun shining the entire way.

PS: Love you, Dad, Mom, Jim, and Nicole!! Have so much fun hiking!!