Location: Underway to Richard's Bay

The chilly morning was a clear reminder that we had come so far. It is no longer t-shirt weather on deck in the early morning; a jacket and foulies are needed. Today was the halfway point of passage to South Africa, as well as the 2/3 mark of our entire voyage. It is amazing to think that we have come this far, yet it is apparent how much we have learned. Everyone has an MTE (basic seamanship) oral topic, in which they must describe a certain job around the boat in great detail. Sixty days ago, most of us would have looked at the topics and not have known where to start, but we have all been diligently learning and talked through our topics with ease. This morning was chilly and a little rough, but the day turned out to be fairly calm and pleasant. During MTE, we continued to work on navigation taking wind (leeway) into account. PSCT (professional skipper course) students reviewed meteorology and then looked at the upcoming weather and wind forecasts for the next few days. I think everyone has enjoyed this expedition up to this point and can only imagine what the next 30 days and Africa have in store for us.