Location: St. Vincent

Hello, fellow blog readers. Today was a day full of stoke. Although it was Thanksgiving from where all of you guys are from, here on Argo, it was Boat Appreciation day. With Argo looking fresh as ever, we anticipate a Thanksgiving on Saturday with foods from turkey to pie and definitely some cranberry sauce. After BA was finished, the divemasters continued their training, the open water students practiced some snorkeling skills, and the already certified open water students went on a fun snorkel. On the fun snorkel, we saw fish like lionfish and squid and many others, and we also saw many eels and bright coral. After everyone was done with that, we had jump-in showers and a fantastic chicken dinner. A bat was also seen by Bella and deckie crew during clean-up.

Pictured: St. Vincent panorama, Too much sexy in the deckie crew, dinnah, kid in bunk, dryers, dishie pit, downtime in the salon, galley crew, lance, dinnah line, dinnah picture, Nolino setting up his hammock, mega yacht