Location: St. Vincent

The morning started off with a couple of students jumping in for a quick swim and then hanging out on the bowsprit until breakfast. Marion, Brian, and Ethan used our currently limited food store to chef up some incredible eggs and lemon poppyseed bread. After cleanup, we once again got to experience the wise and majestic teachings of our very own Sam and Amanda in our double scienced-up morning. The afternoon was met with a much-needed study hall, ditty bags with Brahm, and on-deck entertainment in the form of Jake, Sam, and Lolo roleplaying as Sarah’s first-time skin divers during her Divemaster training. As we were sitting on deck, feeling the warmth of the sun, laughing at Jake’s fifth attempt to jump off of the cap rail without Sarah stopping him, and watching the guys get haircuts, Tim came up and slowly lowered the flags. We sat in anticipation and gave a big cheer when he took off the quarantine flag and confirmed that we were finally cleared into St. Vincent. Lolo and Sam took off to start provisions as the rest of us scrambled to find our shoes and masks to load into Megatron. Brahm and Smash helped shuttle us over to a small island off the mainland, where there was a short hike we could do. It was all stairs, a straight shot to the top, and a lot of us quickly realized we were very out of shape for walking on land. Nevertheless, we made it to the top and were met with an absolutely beautiful sunset. After climbing around, taking pictures, and taking in the view, Brahm led us in a wonderful meditation and advised us to make the absolute most of our remaining time together. Once we got back to the boat, sub chefs Amanda, Smash, and Tim served up a much-appreciated meal of noodles, mushrooms, and broccoli. Squeeze today brought the question of “Where do you feel most at peace?” To end the squeeze, I asked everyone to close their eyes, listen to the waves and the crickets, feel the breeze and the pressure of the hands you were holding, and just… be. With only 15 days left, it was nice to feel completely at peace and surrounded by our family here on Argo.
Signing off,
Mo or Maurice, Mo-rice if you will

View of Young Island
View of our hiking location
Water during the hike
Panorama at a lookout
Ethan presenting the view
Mo, also referred to by Jake (who loves his grandma) as an alpha wolf, atop a cannon.
Sunset on the dinghy ride home