Location: Agadir, Morocco

There have been many an unfavorable wake-ups on Argo, but this morning was slightly different. After the 12 hour voyage from Essaouira, some of the watch teams had barely gotten their maximum six hours of sleep when I had to awake them with the not-so-pleasant news that we were being boarded by customs officials again, we had to fill out the same Moroccan customs form for the third time, and we had our oceanography midterm in 20 minutes. And, oh yeah, Happy Halloween. But, as Sam would say, No worries mate. After the midterm, we were cleared to leave the port and free to explore the city of Agadir. We learned quickly that it was a definite tourist spot, as the beaches and shops were packed with people. Some of us went to the local zoo to see some gazelles and more monkeys, while others got their bronze on at the beach. Heading back to Argo, the wind had picked up quite a bit, foreshadowing our surf day tomorrow with the expected 4 meter swells. If that wasn’t scary enough, when we got back to Argo, people were putting their costumes on. And yes, some were very terrifying (and not in the good kind of way). Having our limited wardrobes on Argo, if you were making a costume it had to be quite creative. They ranged from pirates to liberals and bums, while the funniest may have been those that decided to dress up as each other. Although we cant trick-or-treat, we are about to have a pumpkin carving contest between watch teams, and I fully expect watch team three to win by a landslide.

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