Location: Agadir, Morocco

Today was a wakeup that absolutely no one on the boat was grumpy about. Why you might you ask? It’s because all the shipmates got to spend an entire day of paddling their hearts out, popping up on their boards, and most importantly, gnarly wipe-outs. Yes, today we all got to go surfing in Agadir, Morocco. Oh, right, did I mention that there was a four meter swell today? For all you non-metric users out there, four meters is about 12-13 feet, DOUBLE overhead. As most of the crew had never been surfing, we made a quick change of plan to go to the different part of the beach so that we could have waves for beginners and some for the more daring surfers on board. Tonight we have a night out, and tomorrow, an early wake-up for our departure to the Canaries.

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