Location: Underway to the Canary Islands

After a typically Moroccan start to the morning… late and with some unforeseen delays, we set sail for the Canaries. Getting the sails up in record time for everyone but watch team three who seemed to struggle with some post departure depression. After we shook all the African dust from the sails and the sleep from our eyes we left the scraggly fishing boats behind and headed for the open ocean. With all the sails up we started making good time and were sailing along with the wind at our backs. The shipmates had two classes after lunch and then settled in to life underway, although a short passage, it proved an exciting one with some good sailing, some big seas and some great balancing acts or lack thereof with people falling all over the place, food included. Luckily for Eric it was only the food scraps. So as we keep going though the night with an eye out for ships, fluorescent dolphins and whatever else the ocean has to offer us, we sleep when we can and carry on our adventure toward the Caribbean.

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