Location: Underway to the Canary Islands

Wake Up! It’s time for your watch! You look at the clock on your wrist and groan three o’clock. That is a day in the life of an underway Sea|mester student. Today marks the 50th day of the voyage since we left Rome, and it shows. While at first, we were a bumbling bunch of baboons, unsure of which way was starboard or port, today we haul lines like pros. Today also marks the second day of passage from Agadir, Morocco, to Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. This day also marks the fastest speed Argo has achieved in those 50 days, a whopping 12.6 knots or around 13.5 mph. This was caused by a pretty strong windstorm that blew us right out of Morocco like a cannonball from a cannon. Today we had 2 classes, MTE, or Basic Seamanship, and OCB, or Marine Biology. It seems ironic, but last time I was skipper, we had a test in Oceanography, and now I am here about to tell you that we have yet another one, just this time for bio. If this pattern continues, I am striking my name down as a skipper candidate. Save for classes, and watching Jesse trip on a completely still boat, today was pretty uneventful. Staff member Sam assures me that once a routine is established, the days seem to fly by. This being said, I am going to enjoy the company of my fellow crew members while I canAdios from Argo on the 50th day of the voyage.