Location: Martinique

Bonjour Ocean Star! Today was an early 5:30 am wake-up because we had a long day ahead. Everyone packed their backpacks for a long steep volcano hike. After getting our stuff ready, we had delicious pumpkin bread for breakfast made by Jade with love. Although it wasn’t in our plans, we had to move the boat because some fishermen wanted to fish right where we were anchored. It was a busy morning. As some brought up the anchor, others did clean up and packed their lunch. After we moved to Ocean Star, we started doing dingy rides to shore, and I got to drive Exy this time. I was nervous but happy because I was one step closer to graduating from dingy school.

Manuel, our taxi driver, had a unique personality. I had the chance to practice some of my French with him, and he taught me some new vocabulary. Then it was time to hike the volcano. It’s been the steepest hike we’ve had so far, but I was so distracted listening to Carolyn’s stories that I never got tired of the hike. It took us around one hour to get to the first summit. It was pretty foggy and chilly. It was amazing to feel cold in the Caribbean. Then we decided to walk across the caldera and hike to the tallest peak. The views kept changing every second because of the fog, but when the sun came out, the views were breathtaking. We had lunch up there and took some cool pictures. Then around 10:30, we started heading down. The best thing was getting some ice cream at the bottom, so refreshing.

Now it was time to head back to St. Pierre Port. We had shore time until 4. Since it’s November 1st (Saints day), most shops and restaurants were closed. Therefore, some of us went straight back to the boat and napped. Others got some delicious crepes and ice cream. We came back at 4:00 straight to shower time and then started passage prep for tonight. We had an amazing dinner prepared by Carolyn, Amanda, and Jon. Gougeres (French cheese puffs) were so good. We are finishing cleaning up, and at 10 pm, we are setting sail towards Dominica.

Au revoir Martinique, merci beaucoup 🙂