Location: Roseau, Dominica

Today was a very chill day for everyone. We had overnight watches last night on our sail from Martinique to Dominica. With 3 hours on, 6 hours off schedule, everyone was a bit weary when we got on the mooring early this morning at sunrise. The schedule for the day consisted of a small BA (Boat Appreciation) in the morning and then class afterward, which in this case was Marine Biology. In today’s lecture, we started learning about marine mammals and their lifestyle and what they do/what they eat. After lunch, everyone either studied (and that was a select few), or the others took long naps before dinner. I honestly don’t blame them either because the last two days took a lot of energy for most of us. When it was time for dinner, I had to wake everyone up, and some were ok, and others were hmmmm…Ok? Waking up from a very nice nap isn’t the most fun thing ever, but after people got going, they took their showers and got ready for dinner. Dinner was served, and it was a very good meal. Everyone on Ocean Star had a peaceful and restful day, and with the rest of the night free, everyone can now go enjoy it or go to sleep and have a 6:30 start for tomorrow’s activities.

Views from our mooring in Roseau, Dominica; underwater photos from the Advanced Open Water Deep dive last week in St. Lucia.