Location: Saba

All of the crew woke up a bit groggy this morning due to a roll-y night, but all were excited for the imminent hike to the highest point of Saba. Only one problem: getting to shore. As mentioned before, the ocean had been quite swelly. We planned on a wet landing to get to The Ladder (a 480 step initial climb). We had to use all our acquired knowledge from oceanography to watch the sets and time the swim into shore right amongst some pretty large waves. Once we got past that, it was straight up to the top. Not everyone decided to go to the summit though. A small group of three bypassed the peak to enjoy Windward, the town on the windward side of the island. After the main group finished the hike, everyone met up at Windward and explored the town. A popular stop was Jo Bead, where a lady makes her own glass beads by hand. We had to be back to Ocean Star by 4:00 in order to have an early dinner and prep for an overnight passage to the BVI. Tonight watch team two will launch us off, back to the islands where we started from.