Location: Saba

Today the crew experienced what is known by many as the best diving in the Caribbean Sea. We set off the morning with an early breakfast and loaded Big Mikes’ dive boat, “Mystery,” at 8 am. Half the crew went in the morning and the other in the afternoon to stagger the amount of people swimming “on top of each other” during the dives. Big Mike’s endless supply of humor and jokes kept everyone smiling as we headed out to dive Diamond Rock, an 85-foot deep pinnacle protruding out of the water with an almost sheer vertical face. Blacktip reef sharks were an amazing addition to the normal creatures seen during our dives in the Caribbean. We had a nice break between dives to decompress at “In Two Deep,” Saba Deep’s restaurant. Brownies a la mode tided everyone over, and we next dove Tent Reef. Big Mike began with a bit of history on the island, economy, the reef itself, and, subsequently, life lessons for us all. After the dives, we switched groups, and the rest of the crew got to experience what we did in the morning. The rest of the day was filled with dinner and study time for the crew.