Location: Atlantic Ocean

7 am wake up came without a cloud in sight. Pork sausage and eggs filled our stomachs before we heard the teams to our leadership challengeall three Schaners made up the majority of the pink team, accompanied by Frinda and Sophia. We dominated the first event, relaying a sponge down the dock and back in order to fill the mug at our starting point. The bold strategy of filling your mouth with the first dunk of the sponge and then soaking it again was introduced halfway through. Watching people run back from the dock with faces full of seawater was a sight to see. After we were awarded our 5-minute deduction from our end time, we met Jake at the ruins of an old home, where we were given our first task. Create a video about Devils Island; the funniest video will be rewarded a 10-minute deduction from their end time. With a face covered in pink sync and no shirt, Kaden proceeded to explain the objects around him like a caveman would.

Loud grunting and odd hand gestures were the main forms of communication, while Kip found the stride to his famous dance move in the background. Frida and I found palm leaves to fan the caveman as he continued to grunt for two minutes. Once we completed the task, we received our next clue. This led us to the helicopter pad at the top of the hill. Along the way, we were on the lookout for monkeys, capybaras, and peacocks. We were required to have a group photo with each of the animals. The capybara and peacocks were easy, but the monkey decided to hide away for so long. Once we met Meg at the helicopter pad, we were given our next task. Use three life jackets to cross from one concrete pad to the next. The floor was lava, and if you touched it or weren’t touching a lifejacket while crossing, then you had to start over. This challenge was a breeze for the pink team, and we promptly received our next clue.

Finding Allie took us a few minutes, but we eventually figured out the clue, thanks to Frida. Allie gave us a blindfold, and we had to guide a team member through a maze. The cobblestones marked with a blue X were the only rocks the blindfolded member could walk on. Kaden’s cherry-printed Crocs did not serve him well, and we had to sub him for Sophia. She slipped the sweat-soaked blindfold on and cruised down the course. At this point, we for sure thought our team was in the lead. We got our next clue, which led us to Nick standing by a large log in the woods. The goal was to arrange our team in various orders without talking. This proved difficult until we figured out the strategy of stepping over people instead of sliding by each other. Once we finished, we got the clue that led us to the finish line. We were disappointed to see Tom and Benno covered in blue zinc standing there with cold beverages, but overall, everyone had a blast. We got back to the boat at 12:30, had a quick lunch, and then passage prepped. We are now cruising with the current up to Barbados, hoping to make up the days from our late departure in Cape Town.

During the first few hours of passage we did emergency first responder scenarios. Group two consisted of Mads, Benno, Lazlo, Alva, and me. We walked onto the scene of two unconscious victims, one choking, one excessive bleeding, and two in shock. As a group, we had to provide care for all victims until EMS arrived at the scene. Restraining the two in shock from their dying friends was a difficult task for Benno as Lazlo and I were giving CPR to Will. Once we finished our scenarios, everyone crashed. After a long day under the blue sky, a movie and nap felt necessary. We then ended the day with pulled pork sandwiches and green beans. I am headed to watch it once I’m finished here.

Love you, Mom, Dad, and Maddie