Location: Port Saint Charles, Barbados

Even though I didn’t notice until after my afternoon dive, today marks 2/3 of the way to the end of our Argo journey together. The day was spent in multiple different groups experiencing life ashore and submerged underwater. With Open Water groups 1 and 2 in the morning and group 3 after lunch, all we newbie divers finished off our contained water portion of our dive certifications. As someone who has never dived before, it has been truly incredible these past two days to be quite literally dunked into another world, even just on the beach in our contained water. Although I do think most of us, even the advanced divers, are looking forward to tomorrow’s real open water dive.
That being said, time ashore today was also quite amazing. Some of us Argonauts found ourselves delving into an unreal all-you-can-eat buffet for lunch; walking away from lunch, and on my way back to group 3 for my dive, I felt the most insane food comma of my life. Earlier this morning, Del, Katie, Sam, and I walked into town hoping for some more provisioning just to find that the world closes on Sundays. Huh, who would have thought? For us here aboard Argo, we never stop going, and days don’t really exist anymore. Even onshore, time doesn’t go in days or weeks but more by what cool new thing we are doing next and where we are going. I think everyone is definitely enjoying this new Caribbean life, and since we have all gotten into the swing of how our life aboard Argo works, we can enjoy it even more. As I’m sitting here writing this, people are cleaning up from dinner and getting ready for our final Knowledge Review for EFR and Zack’s “How To Squat” presentation.
I think for a lot of us, this journey has led to a lot of personal discovery and self-reflection. Only speaking for myself, I believe that looking back on how I lived 60 days ago compared with how I live now, Argo has given me more than just a home but a new mindset and perspective of the world. I think this trip has shown many of us more about ourselves and we have all made some lifelong friends.