Location: La Linea, Spain and Gibraltar

Today we had free time to explore Gibraltar. After a nice scrambled egg breakfast, we packed our lunches and set off. With passports in hand, we left Spain and walked right into Gibraltar, which was not unlike England with its double-decker buses and fish and chip shops. Many of us either climbed or took a bus to the top of the rock, where there were many great sites to see. There were caves, castles, cannons and best of all, monkeys! The monkeys in Gibraltar are very tame and will happily pose with you for a picture, and even jump onto your back and pick at your hair. Many of us learned the hard way that you do not eat or carry food in your hands around these monkeys or you will be gather the hungry swarms. They also like to grab anything shiny they can get there hands on, like bobby pins or jewelry, so it is always wise to keep an eye on your belongings. We saw tunnels that soldiers would travel around the rock in during the siege of Gibraltar, and learned a lot about Gibraltars history. We also saw a really neat cave with tons of stalagmites and stalactites, and even an auditorium inside. For lunch, many of us enjoyed British pub food, such as delicious fish and chips smothered in malt vinegar. It was nice being able to completely understand the language and the signs for once, as they were in English. We returned back to Argo and had Pad Thai for dinner, followed by an MTE class. Today was a very active and exciting day for all and we really enjoyed our time in Gibraltar.

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