Location: La Linea, Spain and Gibraltar

Never in my life have I ever seen a shorter border crossing. When I go to Mexico and surf some nar, the queue to get back into the states always has me regretting the thought of going in the first place because you’re constantly fighting for you spot in line against 1000 other OH (over heated) people regretting the fact that they went all the way south to Mexico. just to get a few clay pots…hahahaha (Mom). But when its done and you finally hit the 405fw at the same time your blood pressure begins to lower you realize how worth while it all was that you happen to catch some tube action and at the same time stuff your whip (car) with all the pots to last you a decade. That’s not the case what so ever here in Gibraltar, for example its about eleven thirty as myself and my mates make our way back to the boat when we begin to approach the border. We get smack dab in front of the border patrol and he doesn’t even bother to check our passports, at the same time that’s happening, some people take the liberty to walk out of Gibraltar through the entrance sign back into Spain. Gibraltar, as bloody expensive as you happen to be, with your fish and chips along with your lax border policies you are indeed a horrible case of a great time.

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