Location: Underway to Casablanca, Morocco

The months prior to this experience had a similar feel to looking through a dive mask. You can see where you are headed, there’s no question. You reach your hand out to touch something but it’s not actually there, due to the water’s magnification of objects. There is excitement churning in you (or the brink of an anxiety attack). Seconds tick by slowly. Again, either due to child-like thrill or a strong desire to just get to the surface and be done. Then, whether you believe it or not the moment you’ve been waiting for is here and gone. It’s all a memory. The Mediterranean is a memory now, and here I am again, looking through my dive mask, reaching out for Morocco, then other parts of Africa, the Atlantic and the Caribbean. I hope anyone who reads this is having a child-like dive mask experience in their lives because it is incredible. Sweet dreams from the brown eyed girl, may you sleep like a missile (aka- like a rock). Peace and love.

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