Location: Prince Rupert Bay, Dominica

Every now and then, I get to start my day on board here with an early morning dive. Today was one of those days. I got to jump in with Lucia for a 6:30 am dive to practice some underwater navigation techniques. Meanwhile, there were people busy in the galley preparing breakfast and others practicing Navmaster.

To help me explain this wonderful day to all you reading from home, I asked everyone what their favorite moment from the day was. Here is their response:

Tate – Favourite thing about today was feeling accomplished after completing the skills in the rescue course and flaking the anchor chain. I have to do more freediving tomorrow, though.

Sophie – feeling very accomplished after doing my leadership presentation and learning how to rescue someone.

The Mountain – seeing the improvement in the rescue practical when learning how to save someone (Performing rescue breaths on an unresponsive diver in the water). Also, Ash saved my headband (it fell to the ocean floor during the rescue exercise). And definitely taking the Q flag down, super exciting.

Asta – I love being on the anchor team and working the hydraulics (which lift the anchor). Ate a whole pack of goat’s cheese. And loved getting to use Ash’s camera.

Mackenzie – almost accidentally drowning Logan while trying to save his life and the rainbow.

Eamon – beautiful morning with great people during breakfast.

Maxime – everyone was having a good time this morning.

Teddy – Navmaster in the morning, Soph’s presentation, and hanging out with The Mountain during the presentation. Also, this hot chocolate.

Eulalie – it was really cool to actually be preparing ourselves to be confident in the ability to save someone’s life.

Sam – gophing with Eulalie because he adores her so much (This may have been Eulalie chiming in here). Also, the rescue exercise, particularly when Alexis drowned me.

Quinn – getting the (marine biology) exam out of the way and feeling confident about myself (in regards to the exam).

Alexis – cooking with Sam, learning the north star is called Koby.

Logan – trying to not drown my shipmates but at the same time trying to drown them, haha. I really enjoyed the rescue exercise a lot.

Lucy – waking up early and drinking tea with Teddy and The Mountain and then going through some Navmaster review.

Lucia – eating ramen and finding presents for Logan’s mum with Asta and Kenzie.

As you may be able to tell, we had a pretty eventful day with a Marine Biology Exam first thing after breakfast, followed by a Leadership presentation by Sophie. Then after lunch, we had some pretty full-on rescue exercises involving in-water rescues and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation simulations.

I hope you enjoyed reading almost as much as this lot enjoyed their day.

Photo 1: The Mountain, Steph, and Teddy
Photo 2: Logan thinking about some honey roasted nuts
Photo 3: Maxime possibly thinking about sparkling water or enjoying the rescue presentation
Photo 4: Sam deep in thought
Photo 5: Quinn and Asta laughing about something in the pit
Photo 6: Alexis and Quinn deep in thought… question mark
Photo 7: Logan still thinking about those nuts
Photo 8: Quinn on his way to the ocean
Photo 9: Alexis in the galley
Photo 10: Maxime enjoying some tacos
Photo 11: The Mountain devouring a taco
Photo 12: Lucy trying to save Teddy with Tate as support
Photo 13: The Mountain rocking out during Sophie’s presentation
Photo 14: Mackenzie hard at work in the pit
Photo 15: Tate
Photo 16: Lucia excited for an ocean visit
Photo 17: Eulalie, Lucia, and Mackenzie enjoying the Leadership presentation by Sophie
Photo 18: Sophie and Eulalie with some intense listening
Photo 19: Teddy
Photo 20: Sophie as gopher
Photo 21: Steph and Sam doing the rescue demo with The Mountain as support
Photo 22: Maxime taking photos of me taking photos of him
Photo 23: Surprise photo from above

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