Location: MA

I can remember the days leading up to my arrival on Argo. I was filled with wonder and excitement about what was to come. Although I was unsure of who I was going to meet onboard, I had a settling peace that what we were going to experience together was going to be nothing short of amazing. Before I knew it, once strangers became shipmates and then shortly, family. We all went through a learning curve together. We learned how to adjust to life onboard from falling into each other while putting on foulies before watch to finally getting our sea-legs. We learned how to manage our careers as students while learning how to become a competent crew. There is no way to describe the trip that will do it justice. We learned and did so much more than what we could have ever have thought we would. One can only scratch the surface of what our experience was like onboard with the stories that they are able to tell. To my shipmates, although we are now all at home, I am just so thankful for what we have accomplished together and for the trust that we placed in each other to do so. This trip has impacted me in so many more ways than I could have imagined. My life is changed because of this trip, and because of you all and I am so blessed to now call you all family. God bless you wherever you may go with fair winds and following seas.