Location: Underway to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

The sun has finally come out and the rain has taken a break. Although the wind has calmed, life aboard Argo keeps moving in full force. We had Oceanography class with Kris today and a PSCT pop quiz for those preparing to take their Yachtmaster exam. Everyone seems to be situated in life on passage in the Indian Ocean. However, with personal supplies of snacks and candy running low, most are excited to finally make it to Mauritius and re-supply. We are all looking forward to diving when we finally arrive, and some students who completed their Open Water Dive Certification will have a chance to become Advanced Open Water Divers in the next few days. Looking on the bright side, now that we have slowed down slightly, we may be able to catch some fish before we arrive. With the weather getting a little cooler, several students are planning to pick up some warmer gear in Mauritius. After dinner, clean up ended with a small dance party in the Galley with Luis showing off his moves. Tomorrow looks like another beautiful day, and hopefully the stars come out tonight for the watch teams.