Location: Saba

Today we woke up for an awesome breakfast and were ready to hike the infamous ladder, a set of steps up the side of the island that had been looming over us for about a day. We got ready to get on the island by packing all of our stuff in plastic waterproof baggies, so we could swim to get onshore. I’m happy to say to all items made it to shore with no casualties. Then we started hiking up 600 steep steps of mountainous Saba. We made it to the top of “The Ladder” and started the next part of our hike. After a couple of hours of hiking, each person got to decide whether they wanted to continue to the town or to hike to the top of Mount Scenery, the highest point on the island, and the highest point in the Netherlands. We made it to the town, and it looked pretty dead. Then we realized it was Sunday morning and everyone was at church. In town, we got to rest and relax, eat some lunch, and go to a JoBean’s glass bead shop. There, most of the crew got the chance to make a glass bead to wear as a necklace. After shore time was over, it was either hiking or sharing a cab back to the ladder. Everyone made it back safely and hiked back down the 600 steps. Back at the boat, the crew enjoyed a much-needed shower time and some awesome cooking. After OCE class, the crew passed out in their bunks in conclusion of a pretty exhausting day.