Location: Saba

We awoke today again at the beautiful island of Saba, excited for another day ofadventures. After a delicious breakfast done by our head chef Katie, we split into two groups of divers. The first group had a late start but had two great dives with the charter boat Dive Saba. We saw an octopus that inked our divemaster and numerous sea turtles, which was absolutely amazing to experience. The second group headed out after having a morning full of studying for our upcoming finals. They also saw numerous sea turtles, along with a couple of sharks! We sat down to dinner and had one of our final OCE classes with our beloved scientist Jess. Instead of going to bed after class, we set our course to return back to the BVI’s. The night passage went smoothly, and the stars were unreal to behold!

It’s hard to believe that we only have a few days left here on Ocean Star, and we are all having mixed feelings about going home. Of course, we are excited to see all of you. However, it will be sad to say goodbye to our family here and have this experience come to an end.