Location: Underway

This morning we were greeted with squally weather and scattered showers. This did nothing to dampen the crew’s spirits as we’d all been inspired by the Irving Johnson movie we watched the night before, and we were ready to toss our mooring line and get underway. First we had a weather briefing from the captain and we learned about the patterns of pressure gradients and systems commonly found in the tropics. Next we reviewed our standing orders and station bill so that we would all know what to do in the case of an emergency. Finally, at around 1000, we began to raise our mainsail and then slipped our mooring and were underway. We got the staysail up as we passed Dead Chest Island and then beat into some choppy sea states as we left the BVI behind. Tonight our crew is bundled in foul weather gear and still gaining their sea legs, but spirits are high and a hearty meal of lasagna was enjoyed by most (although some still opted for the water and dry cracker option instead). Tomorrow we’ll reach Nevis; everyone is excited as it feels like our voyage is finally picking up speed.