Location: Charlestown, Nevis

Today I had to wake up 15 people. I don’t know how many of you out there had to wake up that many, essentially strangers, at once, but it’s not fun. At least for me, it was kinda awkward, but that’s just some of the stuff you have to get used to on a trip like this. After waking everyone up, we had breakfast. Every meal is had on the deck, and I think that’s pretty cool because every meal is had with a view. Next, we had class in the saloon. It was marine biology with Heather. I’ve never had a class shaped how these ones are. I appreciate the structure of these better because it lets me be more hands-on and involved. When class was over, the certified divers jumped in the water for a dive off the coast of Nevis.

For those of us that aren’t certified yet, we put the boat to bed. At 10 in the morning, kinda weird, in my opinion, to put someone to sleep that early. Basically, what “boat to bed ” means is when we’re done sailing, we have to put all the sails away in their covers and clean up all the things that were necessary for our sail. When we were all done and the certified divers were back, we had lunch. Today for lunch was homemade bread and our choice of toppings for a sandwich. It was my favorite lunch so far. The bread was amazing, so shoutout to Ash, Eva, and Julia for making that. Then half of us, that aren’t certified scuba divers yet took our first dive into the warm ocean. It was such an interesting experience and a good challenge for me personally. We then ended our day with pasta, which was great after a long first dive. And well, that’s kinda all that I can remember from this long day. Until my next skipper shift, goodbye. Also, hi, Mom, Tonka, Aunt Jill, and whoever else reads this; much love.