Location: Nevis, St Kitts and Nevis

Another exciting day on the Ocean Star! Today we all woke up at seven on the dot, eager to start the day, knowing that we finally got to set sail to Nevis and get everything ready quickly, so we set sail quickly with smiling faces. Our lovely chefs made a filling breakfast of oatmeal and fruit options to keep us up and energized. After we devoured the food left, leaving nothing but an empty pot, we left to see the beautiful sea. After setting sail for a short time, it was finally time to raise the sails, and the team came together to make it happen. Thanks to the safety precautions of our amazing captain that he takes, we strapped in and put our life jackets on and thank goodness! We thought it was bad before, but man, did we have no idea what was in store for us. Waves as big as the boat came crashing aboard in every direction as far as the eye can see, deep dark blue ocean everywhere, just waiting to sweep you away. While we were, Nevis bound, the unstructured time commenced, and most students spent time catching up on their academics while some simply sat in awe at the surreal experience. While all this was going on, the chefs were back at working hard in the kitchen while trying not to fall over the place, making a delicious meal for lunch, a very well-crafted chicken pasta. Moving on from that, Nevis emerged in the distance with a volcanic peak, looking ready to erupt. At the same time, a pod of dolphins emerged, appearing to try and avoid getting caught in our propellers while we took advantage of the moment, getting some nice pictures and videosthe next few hours blurred by uneventfully getting closer to shore as well as dinner. Once again, the chefs pulled a rabbit out of the hat with the unbelievable quality of an amazingly brewed chili and cornbread that left smiling faces and full bellies ready for bed, knowing we had another amazing day coming tomorrow.