Location: Tioman, Malaysia

When we woke up, we were excited to meet new people and learn about reef checks from Tioman Dive Centre. We ate breakfast and headed to shore, where we got to meet nine other students and staff who have been living in Tioman for the past month, surveying the health of all the surrounding reefs. They were happy to see new faces, just as we were, and we got down to business by learning about reef checks. We had class outside at a small beach resort called Swiss Cottage and even got to drink coffee! We all chose what specific species we wanted to survey and split up into teams with the other group. We then came back to the boat to get our gear and headed out for dive. We dove partnered with a person from the other group in order to learn the specific species we should be looking for. After that, we broke up for lunch and then went back to shore to drop off our clothes for dinner later that night. We swam out from the beach to do another practice reef check, and dive then went back to Tioman Dive Centre/Swiss Cottage, where we got to take warm showers and get cleaned up for dinner. We all got to hang out with the other group, drink some more coffee/soda, and test our reef check knowledge. We then ate a chicken curry for dinner on a candlelit table with them under the clear night sky. We all enjoyed talking and laughing with them. Altogether we really appreciated the hospitality that they showed us! We are looking forward to another fun day with them tomorrow!