Location: Gorda Sound

Our first official week has almost come to an end aboard the Ocean Star and time seems to be picking up speed very quickly now. The morning began with some cereal and banana bread, followed immediately by the team getting to work preparing to make sail for the first time in two days. The boat seems to be taking on a life of its own as the crew is starting to understand the different parts of the ship, and how to make her sail much more fluidly. Tacks and Jibes were the test for everyone once we were underway. Along with this the team learned how to steer the ship by simply controlling the positions of the sails. Lunch had to be eaten sideways this afternoon because we had to do this on the go. The Ocean Star came flying into Vixen Point under full sail in all her glory. Everyone in the bay could not help but take notice upon our arrival. After a quick class about mangrove trees we had the opportunity to go and see some firsthand while snorkeling. A mangrove tree is a type of tree that survives in salt water. It has thick roots that extend from outside of the ocean into the ground at the base of the tree. While there we studied and recorded different amounts of aquatic life per square half meter using some of the science equipment from aboard the ship. A few of us also had the opportunity to see some barracudas and a sting ray. Once back aboard the ship we were treated to a special dinner of Mexican food. As soon as we were finished eating we prepared to head down to the salon for a slideshow about different invertebrates we could be encountering during the trip. Another day in the life of a sailor has come to an end and we continue to look forward to many more in the immediate future.