Location: Vixen Point

Today started off with a breakfast of oatmeal. Starting this trip I was never really a big fan of oatmeal. However I’m starting to actually like it. After breakfast we split into two groups. The first group (which I was in) ventured in Exy and Irving out to our dive site. Being our third open water dive we still had a few skills to go over. The water was incredibly rough so we skipped the surface skills and headed down. After we completed our skills we swam around a little bit and saw some awesome fish and invertebrates. It definitely makes things a lot more interesting when you know what you’re looking at. We saw an old anchor and the second group saw an awesome cannon! I was kind of jealous I didn’t get to see the anchor. After we got back from our dive we hopped on to an IC24, kind of the same size as a J24, and learned some small boat handling skills. Being a small boat sailor myself I was pretty excited to be sailing something much smaller than Ocean Star. It was blowing a good 20 mph so it made sailing that much more exciting. We all got to do different jobs – one person on the tiller, one on the main sheet, and two on the opposite jib sheets. It really gave everyone a feel for how small boat sailing works. It also showed how much faster a tack and a jibe actually are, things move pretty slow on a boat as big as Ocean Star. After our sail we came back to the boat and had a white bean Tuscan soup, pretty decent. After lathering up (Yes Mom I’m putting on sunscreen, and I’m not too burnt yet, also Viking count is up to 12 :D) we jumped into Exy and Irving and headed to Prickly Pear Island for some HOBIE CARNAGE! Being that I sail for Drexel my crew-mates put a lot of pressure on me to do good in the race. We had two Hobie Cats – one small with only a mainsail and one larger with a jib and a main sail. My team being hardcore took the one with the jib and the main sail. There wasn’t any actual carnage but everyone had an interesting time handling the Hobies and had a lot of fun too. After the race that didn’t really turn out to be a real race, we all took turns sailing on the Hobies (some more than others). I was completely and totally in my element. I couldn’t have been happier. Today was probably the best day of the trip so far. We sailed our Hobies back to Bitter End Yacht Club and headed back to OS to take showers and get ready for the evening activities. Being on a boat for almost a week makes you forget what real food taste like (I mean we are eating real food don’t get me wrong but it’s kind of like when you go away to school and you eat cafeteria food for a year and then you come home and eat real food), so we were all really excited for our adventure off the boat to the Action Quest BBQ. We had hot dogs and hamburgers; needless to say there wasn’t a lot of talking at the table once we all sat down with our food. The only other time I had a burger that good was this one night at Penrose. I think everyone was pretty satisfied. After dinner we head over to Saba Rock for some relaxing down time. Today was a fabulous day and everyone had a great time!