Location: Pain de Sucre, Les Saintes

Today we left the gorgeous island of Dominica and set sail for Pain de Sucre, an island in Les Saintes. Upon arrival we navigated our way through two towering islands to where our new home would be (our anchorage). This new anchorage entitled us to a new type of anchoring style called Mediterranean style docking/mooring, where we dropped the anchor off the boat as we backed up to the shore where we ran a stern line to the island and pulled tight. This would allow us to not go farther from the island or closer and would give us primo locations/safety spots for scuba diving. Once we where all secured the crew went into a little Boat Appreciation and started scrubbing and polishing Argo. Let me just say she looks mighty FINE! This new location for us permitted us to do our first night dive off of Argo, which was pretty epic. Most of the students have barely ever dove before let alone diving at night. So the experience was very new and exciting for most of us. Half the students went tonight and the rest will continue to go tomorrow night due to the amount of flash lights and safety protocol. One of the coolest creatures that was spotted on the dive which was an Octopus, which excited shipmate Spike Stone, due to the fact that he has a sick (cool) tattoo of an Octopus on his torso. Well time for bed, since everyone is so tired from a full day of excitement.